Risk Governance ~ A Critical Look at Risk Committees & Risk Statements

Posted on Jun 18, 2017

Caldwell, NJ June 18, 2017.  Closely related to how much risk an insurer accepts is how an insurer’s board oversees risk. The common approach is that an insurer’s board should govern risk through a board-level committee and overarching risk limits. There are, however; compelling arguments to the contrary.  These arguments will be explored by Nicos […]

ASU 2015-02 Amendments to Consolidation Standard

Posted on Feb 9, 2016

New York, February 9, 2016 – Jeffrey Keene, of BDO, will address the Accounting Standards Update (ASU 2015-02 Amendments) to the Consolidation Analysis.  The amendments address consolidation matters including limited partnerships and similar legal entities, certain investment funds, as well as the effect of fee arrangements on determining the primary beneficiary. This ASU is effective for […]

Corporate Governance – Emerging Issues

Posted on Nov 6, 2015

New York, November 6, 2015 – The Society of Insurance Financial Management will present a session on the Emerging Issues for Boards and Audit Committees at its Quarterly Conference on December 3rd. The Conference will be held at Grant Thornton’s New York Offices at 757 Third Avenue. John Verdonck, senior advisor to KPMG’s Audit Committee […]